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Cariba Creek one of Europe’s largest and best indoor water parks covering 40,000 sq ft! What started as a trickle became a spring, the spring became a torrent and soon geysers were shooting up from the ground. Cariba Creek was submersed in water. The one and only Paradise Plumbers worked day and night inventing new and imaginative ways to use the tons of water surrounding Cariba Creek.

The Cariba Creek water park opened on the 1st June 2003 for the exclusive use of guests from either hotel, in 2004 Cariba Creek was made available to visitors not staying in one of the hotels, but for an admission charge.

Cariba Creek has hundreds of interactive elements for you to explore. Discover the gigantic Tree House. But beware the upturned clock tower might just cascade tons of water over you. It takes over one million gallons of water just to fill the water park!
Cariba Creek is home to the most exciting water rides you'll ever find. The Master Blaster propels you at high speed, soaring you up and down, leaving your head bubbling.

Imagine this surrounded by miles of pipes and giant flumes; twisting and turning their way around Cariba Creek; it's easy to see how much fun you can have, using one million gallons of water. Thanks to paradise plumbers crazy imaginations, you can have fun hurtling down one of the racing slides, floating effortlessly down the lazy river, bubbling in one of the volcanic hot tubs, using water jets, pumps, squirters, geysers, fountains, buckets, tubs, all heated for splashing fun whatever the weather. Please be aware that height restrictions do apply. There's also a fun lagoon, with slides for parents and tiny tots too.

Whatever the weather outside, the 50,000 sq ft domed roof over Cariba Creek, ensures that it's always tropical inside. This roof is inflated by the equivalent of 10 giant hairdryers! If you forget something, don’t worry, there's a shop located by Cariba Creeks Reception which sells a variety of essential swimming gear.

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